do you ever wonder if your followers ever talk about you outside of tumblr

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"Number one rule for fiction: Coincidence can be used to worsen a character’s predicament, but never to solve his problems."

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i just love the author’s notes. the way authors think.

"he is alive because I need him" "This is so-and-so’s pov but I reserve the right to dip into anyone else’s head if I wish" "canon what canon i do what i want" "I tweaked the timelines because reasons" "I know she was really born ten years later but I wanted her to talk to this character" "these characters aren’t mine, I just play with them"

Fanfic authors are so…pretentious.

And I love it.


I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

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In the beginning the Rings of Power were created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

#*narrows eyes* celebrimbor

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question: how long does stuff stay Transfigured? Permanently?

hey people-that-follow-me-and-are-interested-in-reading-the-crossover-i’m-writing? Would you rather a huge Info Dump to End All Info Dumps as a prologue, or read through Sarah’s first four years at Hogwarts (yes, I made her Muggleborn because reasons) while I try to sprinkle backstory in like a real writer?

wow. i think that question made it pretty easy to decide


if you have an idea (or a third option! Third options are fine!) please please please send me a line and tell me. I’m mostly writing this because I want to read it, so I’d like to write something you’d like to read too.

also i’m changing Severus Snape’s character enough that you can like him guilt free. is that ok? I mean, he’ll still need to learn manners and all but at least he won’t be petty and cruel and ruthlessly sadistic towards harry and neville and remus. I say nothing of bitingly sarcastic because I can’t write that… i might try, of course.

Oh are there any deeply analytical Potter fans that might know of any interesting (or any at all) characters who went to school from 1982 to 1988? There’s a certain young woman attending Hogwarts during that time, and I’m curious as to who she’ll meet. (the Muse decided she should meed a third year Hufflepuff so now I need to research those too.)

so yeah if anyone knows british idioms and catch phrases used from 1970 to 1990 i would be very grateful.

also anything else from that time period.

literally anything else

I don’t care if you know that there used to be a music group called the Wildflower Wildlings who were a band for an entire two weeks. (I just made that up, i don’t know if it’s true. is it?) I just want to know anything and everything because…

*clears throat* I’m writing. A story. That takes place in that particular time.

The fact that Labyrinth came out in 1986 has nothing to do with it. At all. Why do you ask?

oh by the way if I was going to make Linda (Sarah’s mother) an actress on Doctor Who…yes?

"See, Rowling largely operates Harry’s generation in a clear system of parallels to the previous generation, Marauders and all. Harry is his father—Quidditch star, a little pig-headed sometimes, an excellent leader. Ron is Sirius Black—snarky and fun, loyal to a fault, mired in self-doubts. Hermione is Remus Lupin—book smart and meticulous, always level-headed, unfailingly perceptive. Ginny is Lily Evans—a firecracker, clever and kind, unwilling to take excuses. Draco Malfoy is Severus Snape—a natural foil to Harry, pretentious, possessed of the frailest ego and also deeper sense of right and wrong when it counts. And guess what? Neville Longbottom is Peter Pettigrew.

Neville is a perfect example of how one single ingredient in the recipe can either ruin your casserole (or stew, or treacle tart, whatever you like), or utterly perfect your whole dish. Neville is the tide-turner, the shiny hinge. And all because he happens to be in the same position as Wormtail… but makes all the hard choices that Pettigrew refused the first time around. Other characters are in similar positions, but none of them go so far as Neville. None of them prove that the shaping of destiny is all on the individual the way he does."

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Me Writing that Labyrinth/Harry Potter crossover:

  • me: there. I've finished preparing Sarah's entire backstory and i can start now
  • muse: ...
  • muse: you know what you need
  • muse: you need to know absolutely everything there is to know about british culture between 1970 and 1990
  • muse: you need to know how they talked
  • muse; how they dressed
  • muse: what books they read
  • muse: what movies they watched
  • muse: what tv--
  • whovian me: OHMYGOSH
  • whovian me: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH
  • whovian me: DOCTOR WHO THAT'S WHAT
  • whovian me: go forth and watch Classic Who. Now. you NEED it. for RESEARCH.

Thranduil in the new bofa trailer please help me i am slayed (x)

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Goblin Queen by soapybubbles3
I adore this portrait - it hints at all kinds of possible futures for Sarah, and I like that she looks strong and proud.


Goblin Queen by soapybubbles3

I adore this portrait - it hints at all kinds of possible futures for Sarah, and I like that she looks strong and proud.